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PRINCE RUPERT is located 140 km west of Terrace, and the drive along the Skeena River is one of the most spectacular drives in the world. Prince Rupert is a quaint, deep water port and fishing village nestled on the rugged coast of northern BC. Explore the history of the region at the Museum of Northern BC. Prince Rupert has a variety of shops as well as great restaurants with fresh local seafood. Port Edward, on the way to Prince Rupert, is a great side trip which has the North Pacific Cannery; a national historic site detailing the history of commercial is fishing on the north coast. EXCHAMSIKS RIVER – Old Growth Forest Walk is 56 km west of Terrace on Highway 16. A day use area on the east side of the river, it has an interpretive trail through old growth forest of massive Sitka spruce and cedar. It is truly an enchanted forest with majestic trees, clean blue/green water and spectacular rock walls that reach 2000 feet above the river, a home to numerous mountain goats.  The day use area has picnic tables along the river with great views while enjoying a snack.


SHAMES MOUNTAIN, our local ski hill, is located up the scenic Shames valley, has stunning mountain views and great blueberry picking on the ski runs. Located 35 km west of Terrace and 13 km up the Shames Valley, it is a great scenic drive on good roads. The valley is beautiful and the ski hill has a retro feel rare in today’s mega resort world. Scout it in the summer, and ski it in the winter or vice versa. Shames Mountain is a great place to visit year round. [ PHOTO:  HWY 16 - DRIVING WEST TOWARDS PRINCE RUPERT ]

SEVEN SISTERS & KITWANKOOL (Gitwanyow) Totem Poles – The drive up the Skeena, east of Terrace on Highway 16, has great views of the mighty Skeena River and rugged snow-capped peaks. The highway takes you past the northern flank of the Seven Sisters Range, the tallest, most majestic peaks in our region. The best view is from a scenic turn-out, just before the highway junction at Kitwanga. Next, take Highway 37 north 15 km to Kitwankool (Gitanyow) to see a collection of totem poles, a beautiful representation of native culture in our region. Heading back towards Terrace, the Usk Ferry is worth checking out. The ferry is one of just a few water driven cable ferries remaining in British Columbia and part of our historical transportation systems from an era before we could cross major waterways with bridges.


NASS VALLEY LAVA BEDS – NISGA’A NATION – Highway 113 is just west of Terrace and takes you north through the Kitsumkalum River valley where there is lots to explore. You will see scenic views of the glacially fed Kalum River and Kalum Lake that drain into the Skeena. And then, cross a height of land into the Nass River drainage where you follow along Lava Lake.  Next you arrive into Nisga’a Memorial Provincial Park, the site of British Columbia’s youngest lava flow. Driving through the lichen-covered lava flows, a site of interest is Vedder Falls, on the Vedder River which disappears below the lava and flows underground.  Upon arriving at the Y in the road, you can explore some Nisga’a First Nation villages each way.


NASS CRANBERRY CONNECTOR CIRCLE TOUR – The drive up the Kalum River to the Nass River across the Kiteen and Cranberry rivers, then back south to the Skeena River, is a special Circle Tour. This drive has great mountain views, several beautiful lakes and 6 distinctly different rivers each with its own character and color. There are scenic turnouts along Kalum Lake, a picnic area at the north end of Lava Lake and at the Visitors Centre in the lava flow of Nisga’a Memorial Provincial Park. Turning right at the Y takes you across the Tseax River and through New Aiyansh, then onto the Cranberry Connector, a 56 km Forest Service Road connecting to Highway 37. To continue the circle, turn right and continue south to Highway 16, stopping in Kitwankool to see totem poles.  Turning right again on Highway 16 brings you full circle towards Terrace with several rest areas and scenic turnouts, at the Seven Sisters and along the mighty Skeena River. This is a spectacular drive with lots of variety and a chance to see wildlife for a great adventure.   We live in an amazingly beautiful culturally rich neighborhood with lots of great things to see and do. So please plan on staying several days, because one or two will not be enough. We look forward to helping you enjoy Terrace and the spectacular wilderness that surrounds us. [ PHOTO:  SEVEN SISTERS ]

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