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1. TERRACE MOUNTAIN MODERATE HIKE - AVERAGE 1-3 HOURS   -- [ALSO A BIKE TRAIL] The main trailhead is located at the junction of Johnstone street + Walsh avenue (just above the sportsplex in town).


2. STEINHOE RIDGE MODERATE HIKE - AVERAGE 1-3 HOURS  -- [ALSO A BIKE TRAIL] The trailhead is located in upper terrace 1.2km’s along the kitselas road.

3. EXSTEW WATERFALLS EASY HIKE -  Go west on Hwy 16 for about 36 kilometres. About 500 meters east of the Exstew River highway bridge is the Exstew forestry road. Turn right (north) cross the railway tracks and go north 10 kilometres until you get to a fork. From here, there are two falls you can see. FALLS 1:  stay right, then turn left at the next fork. Drive until the end and you’ll find a trailhead. From here, it’s a 20-30 minute hike to the falls.       FALLS 2: . Go left at the first fork, drive past two bridges and park when you see a trail on the left side. It should be marked by a pink ribbon. From here, hike 5-10 minutes to the falls.


4. KITSELAS CANYON NATURE TRAIL A 20 minute nature trail w/ viewing platforms and placards of information along the route.  Drive approximately 20km East of the town on Highway 16 and turn left at the sign for Kitselas Canyon.

5. THORNHILL MOUNTAIN MODERATE HIKE - 4.8 km’s to the ALPINE + Warming Hut. 6 km’s along Old Lakelse Road, 800 metres past the Thornhill Landfill turn left onto the Copper Mountain Road. Follow the Copper Mountain Road for approximately 2.3km’s to the Trailhead. The road continues up to Communication Towers on Thornhill Mountain.  


6. PINE LAKES EASY/MODERATE HIKE - 6.1km Loop Go west on hwy 16 and approximately 200 metres from the Kalum river turn right onto the West Kalum Forestry Road at the Temple Gas Station. Go 11 km’s up the road until you see a sign and follow to Pine Lakes Recreation Site.


7. KLEANZA CREEK EASY HIKE - 1 km easy trail leads to a 24 metre deep box canyon on Kleanza Creek. Travel East 15 km from the four way stop at Hwy 16 and Hwy 37. Turn right just after the bridge crossing Kleanza Creek.  Follow road until the end where there is a parking area for day-use. Trailhead goes up from there.


8. CLEAR WATER LAKES TRAIL EASY HIKE - Takes you past a couple of small lakes Drive 32 km south of Terrace towards Kitimat. At 6km past Mount Layton Hot Springs on the right side of the road just before Onion Lake is a small parking lot. There is a trail sign here, and also you can find a nice forest service camping area just 50 meters off the parking behind the trees, where a nice picnic table and campsites can be found. ** Good Wild Blueberry picking in season


9. EXCHAMSIKS PROVINCIAL DAY USE AREA A light easy hike that takes you through old growth cedar and hemlock trees. Some of the largest in the area... 2,000 foot rockfalls are the backdrop.


10. GUNSIGHT LAKE MODERATE/DIFICULT HIKE It’s 6.5km trail that leads to a scenic alpine lake and ridges. Travel 18 km’s along Hwy 37 towards Kitimat. Turn off at Gravel Pit Road (across from Furlong Bay Provincial Park Campground). 

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